26 September 2009

Half Persian 3-1 Tutorial, No fiddling, no guide wire.

One of the challenges many new maillers struggle with is starting the Half-Persian weaves. I've heard suggestions such as using yarn or extra wire to hold the rings in place until it becomes stable. While these ideas work perfectly, I try not to use starter chains or anything of the sort. I find it helps me understand the weave if I watch it fall apart when I drop it like a clumsy cartoon villain...

What I found after a project involving way too much HP 3-1 was a way to start a chain without trying fumble with those first three closed rings to get them in the right place. Experienced maillers will know exactly what I mean, and if you don't know, trust me, you're better off never attempting the Half Persian slide.

So, as promised (seems I say that alot, usually later than I intended) I have the following visual tutorial for HP 3-1. Lefties, you'll probably want to work from right to left, you freaks already open your rings the wrong way, might as well do everything backwards.

We'll start with an equal number of pre-opened and pre-closed rings. I've 10 each here.

Place two closed rings on an open ring, and close it, you'll have a simple chain of three rings. If you hold the center ring you have something like the image below. The notations on the image are to show you what I'll call the outside of the two hanging rings. You want to weave an open ring through the outside of the first ring only, then again through the outside of the second.

Going through the first ring.

The apparent mess after going through the second, don't worry, it will come together and start to resemble the intended result very soon.

Our friendly, if badly-drawn, arrow has a secret to tell you, he wants you to take your newly added open ring, marked in green, put a closed ring on it swing it around to the top of the chain beside the old center ring of the simple chain.

Setting it down a second because I promised the arrow a beer for helping out, we can see the open ring in place and the new closed ring kindof lazing around on the end.

If you look now, you see you have a sequence of two rings on top, and three rings on the bottom. Notice how they stairstep. On the top row each new rings goes on top of the next, but not through it, on the bottom row. Close the open ring and kick that bottom row ring underneath the one next to it. The eye between the last two bottom rings is where you'll weave the next open ring, add a closed ring, and close it.

After a repition or two, it starts to take shape and becomes more stable. Keep repeating the process of passing an open ring through the eye, adding a closed ring, then closing. Now, that floppy ring on the end, when your chain is as long as you need it, add the last open ring. Remember that we started with an equal number of each, used two closed rings at the beginning, so the final open ring is added the same way without bringing a closed ring along.

This is the end of a HP3-1 chain right before closing the final ring, notice floppy is on vacation.

Close it, and... is there a less pretentious and lame word than "viola" I could use?

There you have it. HP 3-1 without the annoying ring twist or guide wires, or duct tape, or throwing it against a wall in frustration and deciding to make something from Byzantine instead.

Have Fun

24 September 2009

I found a new sales toy.

This little gadget from Sellit.com is built to present Etsy, Yahoo, Cartfly and CafePress stores in a unique little package. As a script applet... thing, to post on things like blogs. Sorta like this.

I'll leave a permanent version of this in the sidebar, probably in place of Etsy-Mini. Which my only beef with is that it randomly picks a few items from your Etsy shop when it's loaded.

Seems like the perfect thing for selling handmade to me. They also have a few reasonably priced advertising packages for those that are keen to do that sort of thing.

Yes I know a tutorial is due. I havn't forgotten you. More life showed up and maille had to be set aside for a bit, but it might happen later today, if not tomorrow.

Have Fun

22 September 2009

Things have arrived.

Well, just one thing, or two. Exactly two photos of the Dark Aura necklace I posted yesterday.

I guess I could say this represents a more evolved line of my work. Finally branching out from copper now that I'm slightly better supplied. I don't really consider copper a primative or less formal material, but it's nice to use something else and have some variety available.

The necklace itself is composed of two real weaves, along with some simple chain. The first to mention is the centerpiece, composed of three units of Aura, a weave created by Legba of Corvus Chainmaille. A very kind and generous person who's taught me alot. The second weave involved is a good classic Half Persian 3-1. I chose this because it lies relatively flat. I didn't want a round chain for a broad piece like this.

I've always wanted to make something like this, so it's been a mini dream come true and I couldn't be more pleased with the result.

How about another tutorial for the next post? I've talked more than enough about my own projects and little annoyances getting in my way. Anyone want to see how HP3-1 is made?

Have fun,

21 September 2009

A taste of things to come.

New materials, some stones to play with, a couple new weaves on the experiment list. So what happened, well, this.

Got bored, learned Aura, made it in blackened stainless and square stainless. Then I made some simple chains and flung them around like silly string, a few garnet chips here and there.

It's on a barrel clasp right now, I'm not certain if I like it but given the other options this was the only thing I had that suited it.

I'm expecting some more materials this week to finish the piece I previewed a few days back.

Also, I hate being single... I don't have a model. ;>

20 September 2009

Spread the Love.

Aww, my chainmaille and I were chosen to be HAFteam's featured shop today. Hoping I get a couple sales out of it at least. Yes, short post again, yes, mucho busy. Sorry about that. I'll be back to normal in a week or so.

Have fun,