27 April 2010

Dogwood Festival, day one.

Well, my first fair, first day.

Umm, there were some tent problems, namely the cold, a little rain, and the fact that the walls I had were not made for the canopy I have… I appreciate that Mom was willing to help and buy the shelter thingie, really; but you’d think when buying separate components you’d make sure they’d match. So I get to try and find walls this morning.

Aside from that, and the cold, well, it was a slow traffic day for all the vendors. A fair amount of cards went out, alot of people wanting to come back later in the week, and a put a pair of earrings on hold for someone. I can live with that.

The fair itself is pretty much the town’s spring carnival. Complete with the high-school choir, portable carnie rides and games, and teenage guys getting dragged around by their girlfriends to look at jewellery. Hey, that’s a good thing on my end. A little cold and rainy to spend much time outside. I figure day two should pick up.

Day one was kinda cold.

Have fun