12 February 2010

What I should be doing.

  Yeah, I know. Sorry I havn’t been detailing alot of Maille lately. I’d like to do a couple follow along posts soon. Show works in progress and things of that sort. My work space will be expanding soon, currently, it’s a chaotic wreck not worthy of photographs as alot of things are being packed, or being moved so I can pack around them.

Aside all that, I haven’t been doing alot of original work lately. Promoting a bit more than I had been in the past though.

I guess, this post just sortof serves as filler to let everyone know I’m still breathing and havn’t forgotten about you. I say this alot, I know: Expect a little more in the future, when I can see my desk beneath all the junk again.


Have fun

09 February 2010

Found Maille

I hope Jim Davis doesn't mind me reproducing this here. I couldn't figure out how to directly link to the proper app where I found this.

It's nice seeing any mention of maille out of the normal world. Reminds me that maybe I'm not so crazy. Eh, who am I kidding.