19 February 2010

“Secret Project” not so secret anymore.

‘Cause, I’m done.

SnakeWhip 01 SnakeWhip 03SnakeWhip 02 SnakeWhip 04

My first whip. A Nylon six-foot, twelve-plait, single belly, shot loaded SnakeWhip.

I dunno what else to say, this has been what I’ve been working on the last few days. I made a couple small mistakes, nothing I couldn’t recover from though. My main concern is the foundation for the Turk’s head knot being a little, less than solid, hence the odd knotwork immediately beneath it.

For those that are wondering, yes, it cracks. Loud enough to annoy the neighbourhood dogs. I’m not quite used to wielding it yet but it falls as accurately as I can throw. I managed to pick out a couple of large icicles and teach them not to hang around on my roof and be cold, little bastards.

I’ll practice the nylon whip making a bit more when I can afford to, and if I get a positive response maybe even start selling them.

If you have to be addicted to crack, make sure it’s the crack of a sonic boom.

15 February 2010

Earrings for the time constrained mailler.

Stuff I had to do, just to say I got something finished this week. Two pairs of Layered Polyhedral earrings.

First in Brass, Copper, and German Silver.

And again in Stainless, Copper, German Silver.

The inner set of copper rings contrasts well with both the brass and the stainless. I just might have to make these a regular addition to my Etsy Shop.

In other news, I’m still working on a non-maille super-secret project that I’ll debut here upon completion. Why does that sound like a Mad Scientist wrote it?

Have fun,