15 February 2010

Earrings for the time constrained mailler.

Stuff I had to do, just to say I got something finished this week. Two pairs of Layered Polyhedral earrings.

First in Brass, Copper, and German Silver.

And again in Stainless, Copper, German Silver.

The inner set of copper rings contrasts well with both the brass and the stainless. I just might have to make these a regular addition to my Etsy Shop.

In other news, I’m still working on a non-maille super-secret project that I’ll debut here upon completion. Why does that sound like a Mad Scientist wrote it?

Have fun,


frawggie said...

It sounds like a mad scientist wrote it because one did. :P New earrings look great and can't wait to see the project upon completion!!

Heather's Haven said...

I'm eagerly awaiting the new project! The earrings are gorgeous, BTW!

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