03 September 2009


Yes, it's done, yes you get to see photos. Yes, there's even some earrings involved! You excited yet?

Too bad, 'cause I am.

This took as much in planning on the fly as it did in actual crafting time. I suppose one of these days I might have an image solidified in my head before I start something; but where's the fun in that?

I think the clasp needs some adjustment still. I'll use some larger rings, and the J-hook needs a step up or two in size so it's easier to feel and grip. I'll get at that before I take the photos for Etsy.

Also in the last day or so, got a few pointers on bead wrapping, and just look at what happened afterward.

The first pair are actually more of a violet colour. That wasn't visible until I took them out in the sunlight. I was convinced they were kindof a smoke grey. Why I get blue in the photos, I have no idea. Any colour correction I attempted made the copper look like brown plastic.

/me shrugs

Each one of these, the choker included, aren't terribly complex weaves. The Jens Pind 5 used in the nada-blue pair is probably the most difficult. It's one of the more daunting weaves at the beginning, but that's mostly just hype. Once you understand it, it's not hard to follow.

The choker's is made with European 6-1 bordered by Half-Persian 4-1. If that doesn't make much sense, refer back to my terminology and abbreviations post. ;> Why is "abbreviation" such a long word?

Choker aside... the earrings were fast, and great little gift projects. I can't complain at all about the comments and compliments I get on the little stuff like these. Spend nine days and 70 feet of wire (or more, I haven't even counted yet.) on one thing, and everyone wants to see the little side projects I used to relax. ;>

I think it's worth giving projects like these a shot, even if you're solidly devoted to making maille armour. You can add a new weave or two to your list, and if you can make your closures tight and solid in jewellery, you'll have no trouble making them nice and pretty in your armour.

Have fun.


Yep, not much to tell here. The choker I've been working on is finished, as well as two pairs of earrings and I'm taking a short break after cutting rings for the third. All three will debut as my first beading pieces. With nice little Swarovski drops.

Oh, the pictures? Yeah, I left those in my other pants...

Camera is not cooperating. I'm waiting on a temporary replacement.

Feels like I've been leaving alot of "coming soon" posts. Like this one, really, you'll get to see the choker, I promise, and a large maille related rant surrounding them, I'm sure.

Have fun.

01 September 2009

New reading material.

I'm going to depart from the normal course just a little here and suggest a friend's little blog for a moment. It's not Maille-related at all; instead it's very personal. The account of my very good friend's struggle through her life, stumbling with drug abuse crime and prison along the way.

I consider it a very mature and responsible work. Not something to point at and laugh, ya get me? This is her therapy, and her attempt to straighten everything out for herself. She and I both hope it can help her readers just as much.


Expect something on-topic from me by morning. I've been a little busy, and I apologize for not keeping up.

Be Well