22 September 2009

Things have arrived.

Well, just one thing, or two. Exactly two photos of the Dark Aura necklace I posted yesterday.

I guess I could say this represents a more evolved line of my work. Finally branching out from copper now that I'm slightly better supplied. I don't really consider copper a primative or less formal material, but it's nice to use something else and have some variety available.

The necklace itself is composed of two real weaves, along with some simple chain. The first to mention is the centerpiece, composed of three units of Aura, a weave created by Legba of Corvus Chainmaille. A very kind and generous person who's taught me alot. The second weave involved is a good classic Half Persian 3-1. I chose this because it lies relatively flat. I didn't want a round chain for a broad piece like this.

I've always wanted to make something like this, so it's been a mini dream come true and I couldn't be more pleased with the result.

How about another tutorial for the next post? I've talked more than enough about my own projects and little annoyances getting in my way. Anyone want to see how HP3-1 is made?

Have fun,

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