24 September 2009

I found a new sales toy.

This little gadget from Sellit.com is built to present Etsy, Yahoo, Cartfly and CafePress stores in a unique little package. As a script applet... thing, to post on things like blogs. Sorta like this.

I'll leave a permanent version of this in the sidebar, probably in place of Etsy-Mini. Which my only beef with is that it randomly picks a few items from your Etsy shop when it's loaded.

Seems like the perfect thing for selling handmade to me. They also have a few reasonably priced advertising packages for those that are keen to do that sort of thing.

Yes I know a tutorial is due. I havn't forgotten you. More life showed up and maille had to be set aside for a bit, but it might happen later today, if not tomorrow.

Have Fun

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