12 October 2009

Oh, and there’s this.

I’ve been toying with live Writer for posting. I haven’t really come to a decision on how much I like it just yet. It does allow you to pre-write updates and schedule them for posting at a specific time, which I’m trying now. If all goes well, this was written about an hour before it was scheduled to appear. I think that’s kindof neat.

If you’re on Blogger too, and have made a few edits to your .css you might have seen how badly that can goof up Blogger’s layout editor. At least I don’t have to risk seeing that all ugly and misshapen.

Speaking of, I have some actual Maille to do. A stupid move on my part caused one of my pieces some damage, and I have alot of rings to replace. Embarrassing and upsetting.


Have fun,
-- Charon

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