19 April 2010

Up to stuff.

Figured I’d toss up a quick snap of what I’ve been playing with lately. I think this is the third attempt to get rings in the right AR for this weave. Vipera Berus 4-1. Don’t ask, I didn’t name it. Looks pretty though.


I think I want to turn this into a full set. Also I’ve got a couple more colours I want to try for this one.

In other news. I’ve finished another whip. This one for a friend.

Carrie's Bullwhip 01

More accurate than my own Snakewhip. But I have to admit some of the plaiting isn’t as clean. It shows a gap or two down in the 10 and 8 strand areas of the thong. I managed a lead shotbag in this one, and a 16 plait overlay. The extra weight means it hits hard, my arms can tell you all about it.

I really need to work on getting nice round foundations for my heel knots. I’m not sure I like the gearshift look I’ve been using.

Much to learn, have I, mmm?

Have fun

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Ryan Galdamez said...

Hi Charon - nice job on that whip. I find that if I push up each short section that I plait and then pull each strand tight that I can reduce the gaps. Also you might check out Steve Huntress' Youtube videos - search for "solid knot foundations." Keep up the good work. Your maille looks great!


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