28 September 2009

I'm trying to get chainmaille into the public eye.

And these people aren't helping! At 11am my time, I drove up to a local handmade shop known to feature local crafters and artists. Groovy, just what I need, right? Well, after 4-wheeling it through the country roads to get there, I find the place, and see the sign on the door reading "closed" Okay, no big deal, I'll check out the shop hours and see what's up.

The shop hours sign read, and I can't make this up folks:
"Most days I'm here around 9 or 10, sometimes as early as 7, other days not until 12 or 1.

I'm here until 5 or 6 but sometimes open as late as 12 or I might be gone by 3 or 4.

I'm here almost every day, except on the days I'm not, and then I can be found here sometimes too."

Maybe a slight variation or two because of my faulty memory, but I'm not paraphrasing. To paraphrase would be, "Shop Hours, Whenever the hell I feel like it, good luck."

I wait for about an hour, noone shows up, I leave. Very likely not to return. Seems a little harsh maybe, and I might be cutting myself out of a venue; but I don't think it's a wise way to run a storefront to just be there whenever you feel like shuffling out of bed. I don't think it's a wise place for myself to sell either. People show up to browse, find out the place is closed until whenever. Are you going to sit around for an indeterminate length of time to see if they open at 9, or 10, or maybe 12 or 1? Or are they not going to be there at all, except when they are?

Think I'll stick with selling maille online, at least then my potential customers aren't getting turned away by a sign written by someone who thinks they're funny.

Have fun,


FrawgzDezignz said...

You didn't leave a note in a baggie duct taped to the door asking them seriously how do their consigners expect to sell anything when the staff is never there...or did you and you just didn't post that??

Seriously there's places here like that but they don't deal in handmade stuff they deal in junk, and whatever happens to be available at local estate sales.

Anonymous said...

Poor way to run a business.

Candy said...

Good Gravy, we have a shop like that here in PA also. It must be the way some of these 'resale' shops just work.

I hope you find a local venue, Charon. I continue to look for shops and jeweler's who will offer my work here as well.

All Luck and All Blessings,

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