18 August 2009

The new look.

No, you havn't gotten the wrong Chainmaille blog. This is still Stygian Chains. Just decided it needed some tweaking.

I really did like the previous look, don't get me wrong there, but the individual segments were too narrow and that made it limiting on how I could arrange things. Maybe when I figure out how to adjust those myself I'll go back. Not a code monkey, I make maille, that's about it.

I did finish the bracelet I've been working on.

Comments are welcome. I'd like to hear opinions of the new look and the bracelet when it's posted.

Have fun


Heather said...

i love the new look! Your banners so cool! Love the bracelet! Jump rings don't like me - I can never get them to close so it amazes me that you can get them all to behave so well. Do you bribe them? I've offered chocolate and coffee...nothin' *shrug*

Charon said...

Check out the post on weaving maille. It has a decent segment on opening and closing rings. If that doesn't help, I can try and break it down in a little more detail.


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