23 August 2009

Easy Chainmaille Projects.

It took me some time, and alot of observation of my fellow maille artists doing similar things before I really caught on to this one. I feel a bit dense for not realizing it earlier, but the last time I was considered observant, was back in the Reagan administration or so...

Earrings, simple, fast, inexpensive, unique, and very catchy. You only need to know a few weaves. Instead of writing out my own tutorials this time the tutorials or images from which I learned each weave follow the photos.

Full Perisan Ladder.

First you need to know how to make Full Persian.
Connect a single full unit of FP6-1 consisting of eight rings to another like this.

Then there's the diamond shaped Half Persian 3-1 Sheet 6. Just HP3-1S6 or Sheet6 for short.

You'll need to know the chain form of HP3-1 to get started.
Once you have that move on to Sheet6.

Now, you need some earring hooks. You can buy these at nearly any craft store in the beading section, probably right next to some of your wire selections. ;> Alertnately, you can pick up a pair of round nose pliers, and a small file for smoothing pointy bits from your wire.

I notice now that I no longer have a link to a tutorial for handmade earwires. Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

Have fun,

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